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Emergency Department

Joondalup Private Hospital is co-located with excellent public hospital facilities available at Joondalup Health Campus (JHC), including a comprehensive Emergency Department (ED). The ED at JHC is one of the busiest public hospital emergency departments in Australia, seeing approximately 300 patients a day. The ED at JHC cares for both adults and children.

In order to effectively treat all patients presenting to the ED, the facility is divided into seven different emergency treatment areas. Our emergency treatment areas are:

  • Triage – located near the entrance where your needs will be assessed by a nurse and the urgency of the care you require will be determined. The clerical team will also collect information from you including Medicare and health care details.
  • Resuscitation area – is a designated area for the assessment and treatment of patients requiring a high level of emergency care.
  • Treatment unit – the area for assessment and treatment of patients who have injuries or illnesses that are not life threatening.
  • Paediatric unit – a specifically designed area used mainly for the assessment and treatment of babies, children and adolescents.
  • Main department – the area for the assessment and treatment of adult emergency patients.
  • Emergency Admissions Unit (EAU) – a specific area for patients who need an extended period of emergency treatment or observation.
  • Mental Health Observation Area (MHOA) - the specifically designed area of the ED used mainly for the assessment and treatment of patients with mental health related care needs.

After being assessed in our ED your treating team may decide you need to be admitted to hospital for further tests or treatment. If you have private health insurance you can choose to be admitted as private patient to Joondalup Private Hospital.

Whether you choose public or private admission, you can be assured you will be receiving the highest standard of medical care. Some points to note when considering private admission are outlined below.

  • As a private patient you will generally be admitted to a ward in Joondalup Private Hospital (with the exception of paediatric and some rehabilitation patients).
  • As a private patient you can choose the medical or surgical consultant who will treat you.
  • There will usually be some out of pocket expenses (gap fees) as a private patient in relation to pathology, radiology, anaesthesia and pharmaceuticals (if you need these services).
  • As a private patient you will receive an estimate of expenses detailing the applicable health fund rebates and gap fees associated with your hospital stay.

It is important to note that once you have elected to be admitted as either a private or a public patient this decision cannot be reversed at a later stage during your admission.

Our Patient Liaison Officers (PLOs) or hospital staff can provide information and help guide you through the admission process and assist with making the best choice for you.

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