Joondalup Private Hospital
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Dietetics Department

The Joondalup Dietetics Department provide assessment and management of nutritional and dietary issues for patients at Joondalup Health Campus and Glengarry Private Hospital.

All of the dietitians are Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) registered with the Dietitians Association of Australia, which guarantees an exceptional level of knowledge and training and adherence to evidence-based practice.

What do we do?

  • Assess and advise individuals and groups on nutrition related matters such as diabetes, heart disease, cancers, gastro-intestinal diseases, food allergies & intolerances and overweight & obesity

  • Manage patients with a variety of nutritional therapies which include tube feeding, prescribing modified and special diets for medical conditions and supplementation of diets with nutritional supplements

  • Educate and counsel patients regarding their specific dietary requirements, while in hospital and for home

  • Support students from Curtin University by offering student clinical and food service placements and guest lectures

  • Provide continual training and education to nurses, catering and environmental service staff

  • Provide input to hospital policy and procedures related to special diets, allergies, enteral feeding and others as required

  • Collaborate with the Catering and Speech Pathology staff to ensure that the hospital menu is able to meet the dietary requirements of all patients, including those will specific needs

  • In conjunction with the pharmacy, coordinate an outpatient nutritional supplement programme to ensure all patients can afford & access the enteral feeds and supplements they require

  • Actively involved in the nutrition and health community by being involved in various clinical interest groups, Department of Health and Clinical Network committees, benchmarking forums and several other initiatives such as the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.

Who is eligible for services?

  • All inpatients (public and private)
  • Public outpatients (aged care, acute patients post-discharge from JHC, lapbands, antenatal)
  • Private outpatients - adult and paediatric (any age)

The Dietitians have provider numbers for all major health funds, DVA provider numbers and are eligible to see patients on enhanced primary care plans (EPCPs). Bookings can be made by calling 9400 9429.

Hours of operation: 8.00am - 4.00pm Monday to Friday
(plus fortnightly Saturday morning private clinics)

Contact details:
Manager: Samantha Buck
Phone number: (08) 9400 9600


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