Joondalup Private Hospital
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Social Work Department

Social Workers aim to encourage patients to assume responsibility for their own lives as far as practicable and to develop to their maximum potential. We are committed to promoting the best interests of the patient within the guidelines of JHC.

During your hospitalisation, you may experience a number of practical and emotional difficulties with which a Social Worker may be able to help.


  • Assessing your need for support during and post hospitalisation to ensure appropriate discharge planning

  • Assistance with alternative accommodation

  • Assessment and planning with Residential Aged Care entry and community services (Low care, High care and Community Care Programs)

  • Providing information and or referral for community supports and services

  • Counselling for relationship difficulty, bereavement, substance abuse issues, emotional support associated with illness and assist with referral to appropriate community agencies for ongoing support

  • Financial concerns

  • Issues of family domestic violence

  • Carer support

  • Issues of child concern.

The Social Work service is available to both public and private inpatients of JHC. Referrals are received from Doctors, nurses, patient, patients' family members and community care providers.

Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Contact Details:

Managers: Samantha Luong
Telephone: (08) 9400 9475
Tracey Negus
Telephone: (08) 9400 9892

Social Workers

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