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Peace Of Mind

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Peace of Mind Maternity Package

In a WA first, women insured with HBF who have held a relevant maternity product and have served their 12-month waiting period, are now able to deliver privately with One for Women at Joondalup Health Campus with significantly reduced out of pocket expenses (and in some cases, even ZERO) 4.

For patients insured with other funds, there will be a low, fixed out of pocket expense for One for Women antenatal care, of between $990 - $1,200 2.

Supporting women through pregnancy and beyond, One for Women services are delivered by a team of specialist obstetricians who attend deliveries on a roster basis and provide oversight on antenatal and postnatal care.

Before and after the birth of your baby, you will be well supported by a fantastic team of midwives, GP obstetricians, dietitians, diabetic educators, physiotherapists, lactation consultants as well as mental health professionals - all from one location here at Joondalup Health Campus.

Having a baby is exciting! And with a new, affordable maternity care option available at Joondalup Health Campus, we’re excited to be involved in your care.

To find out more, call (08) 9328 0500 or visit the One for Women website.

Peace Of Mind Maternity Package Inclusions

  HBF  Other Private Health Insurers
Booking visit  ✔  ✔
Antenatal bloods & ultrasound (only if provided by Western Diagnostic and Joondalup Ultrasound)  ✔ up to $50 out of pocket
First trimester ultrasound & 20 week scan  ✔ $200-$300 out of pocket
Additional scans, if required during the pregnancy $50-$150 out of pocket  $50-$150 out of pocket
Midwife antenatal appointments with oversight by specialist obstetrician  ✔  ✔
Antenatal care, including pregnancy management fee  $990 (Fully covered by HBF) = ZERO out of pockets 4 $990 - $1,200 (out of pocket) 2
Specialist obstetrician appointment at 32 weeks  ✔  ✔
Specialist on call One for Women obstetrician delivery  ✔  ✔
Anaesthetics fees  ✔  ✔
Post-delivery paediatric check x 2  ✔ Determined by Pediatricians
In hospital bloods  ✔  ✔
Postnatal midwifery check x 2  ✔  ✔
Postnatal child health nurse check in One For Women clinic at 4 weeks  ✔  ✔
GP obstetrician and midwife postnatal check at 8 weeks  ✔ $50 out of pocket

Terms and Conditions

Am I eligible for the Peace Of Mind Maternity Package?

If you:

  • are pregnant
  • are under 35 years of age
  • have a low-risk pregnancy (as assessed by your GP)
  • have private health insurance with relevant obstetric cover and have served your waiting period
  • would like to experience a shared care approach with midwives and obstetricians working together

Then you can choose the Peace of Mind Maternity Package

When you discover you’re pregnant, ask your GP to check your eligibility and provide you with a referral to One for Women.

No Medicare cover? That’s ok

If you have health insurance that includes private maternity cover, but you are not eligible for Medicare, you are certainly welcome to access the Peace Of Mind service. Please contact us to discuss how we can support your antenatal care, even if you are well-advanced in your pregnancy.

Not all pregnancies are the same and you may require or want an extra level of care. Medium to high-risk pregnancies need an additional level of care and are best managed by a dedicated consultant obstetrician.

If our Peace Of Mind option is not suitable for you, Joondalup Private Hospital’s experienced consultant obstetricians can lead your care through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Speak to your GP to ask for a referral to one of our leading obstetricians.